Podcast #9 Susan Cross – Entrepreneur & Laughter Enthusiast

First off, apologies for the delay in releasing episode 9. As you may have learned if you read my recent blog post, entitled ‘When laughter is bad for you’, I have had an unfortunate run of ill health since late December, which has prevented me from doing any work, not just on the podcast, but of any sort! However, I have finally managed to crawl from my hospital bed, to my desk, to record an intro for this episode and upload it.

You’ll notice towards the end that there is a reference to Christmas. This episode should have been released towards the end of December, but better late than never. I decided not to waste time editing it further, as I quite honestly can’t (and shouldn’t) sit at a desk for long right now.
Susan Cross
With the apologies out of the way, it’s time to tell you a little about episode 9, which is an interview with Susan Cross. Susan is a director of and partner in a company called TellTale. TellTale is a company which helps the management and staff of cultural and heritage sites to create days out, which visitors to the sites will remember and want to return to.

Susan’s consultancy, mentoring and advisory service in this area has resulted in her becoming one of the best known specialist in the field of enhanced visitor experience in the U.K. as well as in Ireland. Susan’s extensive experience has resulted in her having a keen eye for the critical factors which make visits to heritage sites memorable and enjoyable experiences.

One of those factors happens to be laughter. Susan has blogged on the effective use of laughter in enhancing customer experiences and she shares her knowledge, good humour and contagious laughter with me in today’s episode.



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