Podcast #2 Dr. Sam Friedman discusses ‘Comedy Snobs’

Sam for FacebookIn addition to being Assistant Professor in Sociology at London School of Economics, Sam Friedman is a comedy reviewer and publisher of his own arts review magazine ‘Fest’. Sam describes what he has learned from his experiences, both as a reviewer and as a researcher at the internationally acclaimed Edinburgh comedy festival.

Amongst other things, he tells me about comedy snobbery, why, for some people, attending some comedy gigs is like sitting an exam and why some people think that laughing is not befitting of them.

Sam explains how, why and where he carried out his research and he outlines the implications which his discoveries have for our understanding of social boundaries.

Discover why it is that what we laugh at is far more complicated than being a mere physiological reaction to an incongruent stimulus. Laughter is a socially mediated phenomenon, which, depending upon the circumstances, can have an influence upon our social standing.

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Comedy And Distinction

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