Ready to be serious about laughter again?

UPDATE: Episode #15 is now live. Listen to it below and read more about it HERE

My first Podcast since April 2015 is nearly finished and is due for release tomorrow (EDIT: 15/09/16 – There it is ^^ up there). It’s an interview with Merv Neal of Laughter Yoga Australia


If you’ve ever listened to episode #14 (If you haven’t don’t worry – I haven’t listened to it since I recorded it and I’m not even sure what I said in it!). I’m pretty sure that what you’ll have heard me say back in 2015 was that I had plans to take a break from the podcast for a little while. That ‘little while’ turned out to be a long time, as very important life matters got in the way of what is essentially a hobby.

Priorities, priorities, priorities. I would like to get back into the podcasting on a regular basis – but being honest about it, life continues to offer up plenty of challenges and these have to take precedence for me. Having said that, I will make a concerted effort to upload a new podcast from time to time. Apparently, in the world of podcasting, building an audience is all about regular scheduling, but hey – that’s in an ideal world and I live in a world in which s*#t happens!

It was quite shocking to me how long it has taken me to produce episode #15 – An interview with Merv Neal. Between scheduling, researching, preparing questions, recording, editing, encoding, promoting etc, I can honestly say that I’ve spent a few full days of work on this podcast.  I’m not a professional IT person or audio editor after all.

Admittedly, I am out of practise and I expect that I will get quicker. I’m also hopeful that these podcasts will give me an opportunity to have a laugh myself. Life can be pretty bloody serious and I think we can all do with a good laugh from time to time, which is a powerful theme which comes across strongly in the forthcoming episode.

For now, Slán. I’ll talk to you soon.


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