Podcast Preparations

Dr. Madan Kataria Founder of Laughter Yoga

I’ve built websites before…

I thought I was pretty good at it, but boy, did I underestimate how hard it was going to be to learn in a very short span of time, all about WordPress, Themes, Plugins, Widgets etc. Any of my previous attempts have been simple(r) click and drag affairs.

I had read that WordPress was a piece of cake and maybe it is, under different circumstances, or to programmers. However, not only did I decide to create a new website, but I also decided to launch a podcast. The Laughter Research Podcast™ as it happens. It transpires that starting up a podcast complicates the whole website building venture. In fact, it complicates it a great deal.

With a second burst of energy flowing through my veins, I am thrilled that I have managed to create this website and that I now have my first podcast episode recorded, edited and awaiting upload to iTunes. Episode 1 is predominantly an interview with Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga.

A podcast about laughter without an interview with Dr. Kataria would be like a podcast about music celebrities without an interview with Beyoncé (No.1 in the Forbes celebrity list). While Dr. Kataria may not have the voice or the figure, he does run the world, when it comes to laughing out loud without any jokes being told.

The podcast also includes a brief introduction to my podcast series and to my plan for the style of podcast I intend to produce. I have a number of equally interesting guests lined up for interview in the near future and I’m currently editing some great content, which I’ll be launching at the same time as the Dr. Kataria interview.

So, go on…subscribe to the blog to be one of the first to find out when is the official launch date of the podcast, to keep up to date with the world of laughter research and most importantly, to help me prove to my wife that a podcast and blog are great ideas.


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