Podcast #15 Merv Neal – His journey from near death to laughter

Hello and welcome to the first episode in the second series of the Laughter Research Podcasts.

‘Second series?’ I hear you cry. ‘I didn’t know there was a first series’

Well, you’re right. There wasn’t, but calling this the beginning of a new series seems like a good way to indicate that it’s a fresh new beginning, having taken a lengthy break from the podcasts.


My guest in podcast episode #15 is Merv Neal. Merv has a lengthy background in business, but a life threatening challenge to his health instigated a transformation in his approach to life. His goals switched from making money to improving the health of others and himself through the use of laughter.

In this episode we explore Merv’s journey from Merv the businessman to Merv the Laughing Man and we learn about Merv’s involvement in medical and psychological research which involved laughter therapy. We also talk about the attitude to laughter in the business world and how Merv overcomes the challenge of turning serious business people from positions of adamant resistance to willing participation in his laughter sessions.

Below are links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

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Video of the Laughing Man

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