Podcast #4 Increasing the world’s laughter quotient with Lynn Nelson

Lynn NelsonLynn takes laughter very seriously. So much so that she has written a book on the subject. In this episode, Lynn discusses her book, Seriously Laugh: The life you save might be your own. She summarises some of her favourite tips on how to bring laughter into your life and how to build a ‘laughter library’. Lynn also tells me about her work to bring laughter to the elderly through her ‘Patch Works’ foundation.

We discuss Lynn’s approach to laughter, while serving in the U.S. Navy and how she helped her colleagues to de-stress through a simple, yet effective strategy. We ask whether the causal factors in the reported psychological benefits of laughter yoga are predominantly social and I also learn about Lynn’s crowd funding project, to help her complete her PhD in psychology – specialising in the study of laughter as a tool to enhance well-being.

(After you’ve listened to this episode, check out  episode number 2, an interview with Paul Wheeler, in which Paul gives a wonderful example of the benefits of laughter in a retirement home)

Lynn Nelson: Seriously Laugh


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