Podcast #8 Laughologist – Albert Nerenberg

albert-nerenberg-laughingWelcome to episode 8 of the Laughter Research Podcast, with today’s Guest, Albert Nerenberg, who is an acclaimed film maker and world renowned ‘Laughologist’. Albert has directed over a dozen TV documentaries and in 2009, he made the first feature length documentary film about human laughter, called ‘Laughology’. The film was a great critical success and reportedly, fits of uncontrollable laughter have been known to break out following screenings of the film, with one critic saying, “The screening had some of the loudest collective laughs I have ever heard in a movie theatre.”
Albert has been recognised as a film innovator for having had a role in some of the developments in contemporary film making; including the hand-held revolution, or the Truvie, where fictional films are shot in real situations, and he’s also credited with creating the format of fictional movie trailers as an art form in their own right.
Since the Laughology movie, which is the main topic of discussion in today’s episode, Albert has continued to embrace laughter and he is regular international speaker and presenter on the topic of laughter. I hope that you enjoy listening to Albert sharing his thoughts on laughter, including his personal experiences of how it has changed his life, “I saw the sunshine in the room, and that’s what I believe that laughter is. Laughter is a kind of generated sunshine that we can make, even on very dark days.”

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