Laughter in infants

'Happy Baby Emeth' by  Tim & Selena Middleton
‘Happy Baby Emeth’ by Tim & Selena Middleton (cc)

Who doesn’t love a laughing baby?

I had a very enjoyable chat earlier this week with Evan Jordan, who is a postgraduate student of Oklahoma State University, about her research titled ‘Positive Emotional Contagion in Infancy Study.’



I’ll be working on editing it as soon as I get an opportunity and I expect that it will be uploaded as episode #13 in the coming weeks.

As you’ll hear when it’s uploaded, this is a fascinating study, which explores the transmission of positive emotional states in infants, by means of having the infants either listen to audio of another baby laughing, or by watching a video of another baby laughing.

Amongst other things, it also tracks developmental changes over time in an infant’s tendency to respond (or not) to the laughter. The study is still running, so this is a great opportunity to learn about how a study like this is designed and what we might learn from it.

It’s also a great opportunity for parents of young infants to take part in psychological research which, rather than teaching babies to be frightened of furry animals, involves having your baby laugh their little heads off at other little babies. If you live in the Oklahoma State area (and beyond – as Evan will soon be setting up a mobile lab), you might like to contact Evan to find out more. You can find Evan’s contact details and more about the study, here.

I’m very excited about hearing back from Evan as the study progresses, as the findings are likely to have very important implications for such important issues as screening for developmental difficulties and for offering a platform for future research which may offer interventions for aiding children who have particular social difficulties.

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