Podcast #13 Contagious Laughter in Infants

'Happy Baby Emeth' by  Tim & Selena Middleton
‘Happy Baby Emeth’ by Tim & Selena Middleton 

Contagious Laughter in Infants

Today I speak with Evan Jordan of Oklahoma State University in the U.S. about her research in to the contagiousness of positive emotions in infants, through the use of infant laughter as a stimulus.

If you would like to learn how psychologists prompt babies to laugh (hint – they don’t tell them jokes) and why it is that they want them to laugh, then you’ll find this episode to be fascinating.

Evan grew up in Stillwater Oklahoma, where she studied Psychology at Oklahoma State. After graduating in may 2012, Evan spent a few months at San Diego State University working in a development lab, then moved to Colorado Springs where she worked under a developmental psychologist at University of Colorado.

Ultimately, Evan returned to her home town and joined the Oklahoma State University, in the Experimental Psychology department where she now specialises in developmental and psychophysiological psychology under the guidance of Dr. David Thomas. Evan is currently undertaking the ‘Positive Emotional Contagion in Infancy study’ (The topic of today’s podcast) as her Master’s thesis project and she plans to continue research on empathy and emotional contagion for her dissertation. Evan expects to graduate in 2017 with a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology.

The study is still ongoing and participants are still required. The podcast goes into detail about what it is that Evan asks parents and their babies to do – so if after listening to it you would like to take part, then you can find more details on the study and Evan’s contact details here

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