Podcast #6 Daniel J. Lewis – Clean Comedy

Ramen Noodle


DanielDaniel J. Lewis is host of the Ramen Noodle – Clean Comedy Podcast. Daniel is also host of the award winning show ‘The Audacity to Podcast’. Daniel’s approach to life is that if it exists, it can probably be laughed at.

Amongst other things, in the episode we discuss the following:


  • What it was that attracted Daniel to participate in the Laughter Research Podcast interview, when he’s invited on so many others
  • How Daniel believes that laughter can help you to think on a deeper level and contribute to success
  • How laughter helps him to overcome challenges and how others can replicated his techniques
  • How even an agonising toothache can bring you joy
  • Why Daniel embraces clean comedy over explicit comedy and how for him it’s like comparing a microwave meal to an oven cooked meal. It may be faster, but it’s not as satisfying.
  • The challenges of competing with explicit comedy podcasts
  • The techniques for developing a funny story and how to use these techniques in everyday life
  • Daniel’s tips on using laughter and in non-offensive ways

I’m sure that you’ll listening to the interview as much as I enjoyed chatting with Daniel.

Talk to you soon,


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