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Podcast #12 The Neuroscience of Laughter

Sophie Scott moustache
Professor Sophie Scott believes that laughter is one of the most complex and nuanced things that we do. She feels that we should take laughter more seriously, both in terms of science, but also in terms of our experience, because very often, our laughter is telling us a lot more about how we feel about people we are laughing with than we might typically acknowledge to ourselves. Read More…

Podcast #11 Ridicule and Laughter with Michael Billig

billigIn episode #11 I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor Michael Billig. Michael currently works as Professor of Social Sciences at Loughborough University in the U.K. The main focus of our conversation was the topic of his book ‘Laughter and Ridicule – Towards a Social Critique of Humour’, in which he explores the important role which ridicule and laughter play in shaping social behaviours.
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