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Hello and welcome to the Laughter Research website, home of the Laughter Research Podcast™.

My name is Glen Duggan and I’m a PhD candidate, currently researching in the School of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin. (This website is not affiliated with T.C.D.)

The purpose of the website and podcast is to provide entertaining and educational content for free to anyone who has an interest in developing a deeper understanding of the role which laughter plays in our lives.

I do hope that you choose to subscribe to the podcast and that you get as much enjoyment from it as I get from producing it. The podcasts officially launched today (26/10/14). I already have a number of episodes prepared and I’m very excited about getting your feedback on them when you’ve had an opportunity to have a listen.

My guests are from a diverse range of fields, including sociology, psychology, commercial backgrounds, therapy, linguistics and entertainment – with many more exciting guests to come in the future.

I look forward to learning along with you and developing a community of laughter and education.

All the best to you,


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